About Us

BizBay is the open trading site for buyers and sellers to display their machines and accessories on the open market. BizBay possesses a wealth of information in all these industrial sectors and provides support to sellers and buyers in their transactions.

Vendors will receive international customers by increasing the supply of their goods. The seller will be released from overcrowded warehouses and expensive storage space.  The owners of this equipment will benefit from tangible value for equipment that would have been inactive, reduced in value and become older. This would certainly improve the company's business budgets.

Buyers looking to start new production lines, expand capabilities, and test concepts can access and obtain this equipment at competitive prices.  This platform allows buyers and sellers to communicate smoothly and directly and agree on pricing, inspection and shipping.

Choosing equipment does not get a certificate from BizBay and is offered on the site for predefined prices.

We welcome any interventions or requests for equipment and assist with additional services that may not be currently listed on this website.

We have many and various Used and New Items for Sale

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