Coffee Roaster Industrial-Grade For the UAE and Jordan

For efficient roasting of coffee. The roasting process is very reactive and flexible because of the large portion of convective heat transfer and indi...

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For efficient roasting of coffee. The roasting process is very reactive and flexible because of the large portion of convective heat transfer and individual control of the roasting parameters. Batch size: max. 20 kg Capacity: approx. 70 kg/h Set-up: Pre-hopper with sight glass for green un-roasted coffee beans. Roaster drum with mixing paddles on different levels in order to achieve a good product mix. The directly coupled motor with the drive shaft is equipped with a frequency converter. Heat loss is reduced and heat is conserved because of the insulated drum. The combustion chamber is placed directly under the roaster, resulting in minimum heat loss and space saving. Completed with a special heat resistant, for high temperature painted mild steel supporting structure. Weishaupt burner in low NOx execution for minimal nitrogen oxide emissions. Modulating operation mode for optimal hot air temperature control operated with LPG. Hot air fan with frequency converter to lead the air stream through the combustion chamber and the roaster drum. Additional regulating damper in the exhaust duct for a one – time setting the air flow. Cyclone with receptacle made of painted mild steel for separating the silver–skin from the exhaust air. Uniform and fast cooling of the product is achieved by a large–area cooler with perforated cooling grill of stainless steel. Equipped with a mixer arm to move the product, a product discharge flap and large inspection doors for easy maintenance. Separate fresh air fan for quick cooling of the coffee. Safety: Safety grid in front of the product discharge and over the cooling sieve. Item Qty. Controls: 1 Control cabinet integrated in roaster for maximal +40° C ambient temperature, completely wired and checked. Operation by means of a TP 900 Comfort Panel with 9" Touch-Display directly on the machine. Operator interface in English. Integrated are: 1 PLC control unit: Simatic S7-300 with ET200S 3-Phase main switch, power outputs, frequency converter (roasting drum, hot air fan). Control voltage power supply for 24 VDC and 230V, 50Hz UPS unit for supporting the 24 VDC control circuit and operating terminal unit. Available for data export are the following possibilities: USB Interface Ethernet Interface Electrical control According to EC Standards. Automated roasting process: The PLC unit can handle up to 500 various recipes. The operator has the possibility to program every single recipe with specific parameters. The system is capable to control the following working phases of the process in automatic sequence: Control of the modular burner according to a recipe with 10 recipe steps and the following parameters: Filling temperature Hot air temperature each recipe step Fan speed each recipe step End roasting temperature Cooler starting temperature Connecting and consumption data Electrical power supply: Installed power 2.0 kW Operating voltage 3x 400V, 50Hz Delivery 4 months after finalizing LC or PO 5% VAT applies to UAE purchases

Industry Food -&- Beverage
Category Beverage & Coffee
Manufacturer Buhler
Country United Arab Emirates
Condition New
Model Number Roastmaster 20
Featured Yes